The History of Sorrento

Land of colors, mysteries, traditions and legends, Sorrento, always fascinates, astonishes and inspires you to return. Are perhaps the Sirens, according to the Greeks lived in our sea to leave a legacy in this peninsula, lying between the waters, the ability to enchant you with its charm.
Perhaps, even today, with their song, the Sirens bewitch visitors of all places, they are madly in love, and cause them to return.

Founded probably by the Greeks, Sorrento suffered temporary supremacy of the Etruscans and then, from 420 BC, the influence of Oscans. In the Roman era is remembered for having taken part in the Italics (90 BC).

The old town still shows the path of orthogonal streets of Roman origin, while to the mountain is surrounded by sixteenth century walls.
It was the rediscovery of the sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
In addition to the undoubted charm of the landscape. That made the nineteenth century Sorrento a must for those who wanted to foreign travelers rediscover the art and history.

Affresco di Sorrento